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Water Services has been supplying water treatment systems since 1994 to a wide range of customers, and has grown into a sophisticated supplier of quality systems.


Each one designed to get the most efficient use of the resources available to it as provided by the individual customer.

One of the main strength’s of Water Services is that you get individual treatment from its support staff,


Unique designed products, not just a “Yes we have one in stock” piece of equipment.

Backed by over 90 years of front end Management in the Water Industry, and with a staff of well trained personnel that understand the needs of the industry.  


When you next are looking to purchase a new piece of equipment ask yourself the following :-


Does the Company understand my requirements

Do they offer to design it specially for me

DO they have over 30 years of experience in Manufacturing of  all types for Processes.

Are they capable of carrying out your requirements without any fuss

Do they offer a 2 year unconditional guarantee on everything (subject to terms)

Do they provide Modern Technology as standard

Do they Provide an OEM support Service

Can they  manufacturer the full range of treatments  to fit your needs with today’s technology


Raw Water Treatment Plant / Ultra Filtration Plant / Reverse Osmosis Plant / Ozone Injection systems / Waste Water Recovery

Desalination Plants / Fruit Juice Systems / Milk Concentration systems / Grey Water System / MBR Systems


If it can be done with membranes

We Do It

Also available in  / Ceramic / Stainless Steel Membranes  for that TOUGH JOB